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Dark Star is a secret game-mode in Unpacking. The game-mode is started by beginning a save normally. However, when unpacking boxes the player must move all items to an incorrect position. Once every item is incorrectly placed they will all stop glowing red and a black star will glow in the bottom right corner.

How to Complete a Dark Star Run[]

  • Dark Star runs can only be completed if all 8 levels in the scrap book have been completed with a dark star. If you complete the first level normally, the dark star will not show up in the following levels.
  • Some levels have moveable items already present in the stage before the boxes are unpacked. In these levels all moveable items must be moved to an incorrect position to continue the run. This includes hangers and items not belonging to the protagonist.
  • Dark Star can not be played with the "Allow Items Anywhere" accessibility setting turned on.


  • After the Dark Star appears in the right corner of a room the level complete music is different. Any music played by an item is also distorted and slowed.
  • A completed Dark Star Scrapbook shows a black star instead of the normal gold one
  • All the scrapbook entries are changed during a dark star run. However, all rooms produce the same entry text.
  • Fans of Unpacking have created a challenge out of the Dark Star mode called Floor is Lava Dark Star. In this challenge the player must put every item in an incorrect location while not putting anything on the floor.
  • A finished Dark Star run results in different credits music. The Unpacking a Life Redux plays instead of the Original song. For more info on the soundtrack see Soundtrack

Dark Star Scrapbook Entries[]


"Looks good to me, time to go play!"


"Eh, I'll tidy up a bit later."


"They knew me at Uni, they knew what to expect."


"It's fine, he likes my spontaneity!"


"Took a while to get it all back how I left it."


"Wasn't planning to entertain much anyway."


"Welcome to the jungle!"


"Looks good to me, time for a nap!"


"Not going back inside the house, it's trashed."